Professional and prompt translation services provided in plenty of fields for your company or for your personal need in English, German, Czech and Polish. Continously broadening our horizons, we are glad to offer you:

Translation of legal texts

Translation of documents related to contractual law, real estate properties, law of succession, family law, intellectual property, civil proceedings, company law, labour law and other fields of law, that is performed on the grounds of appropriate knowledge and specialist terminology within Polish, English, American, German and Czech law.

In-company translation services

Translation of documents related to a company, documents necessary to set up a company, internal and external correspondence between various offices, institutions and business entities.

Translation for personal purposes

Translation of documents needed when applying for a job, i.e. CV, covering lettes, certificates of employment, letters of recommendation, etc., translation of BA and MA thesis, reviews, reports, letters and other texts.

Medical and pharmaceutical translation

Translation of medical content maintaing specialist terminology; descriptions of surgical treatments, aesthetic and plastic surgery, texts of consents for performance of such treatments, patients’ medical history, hospital discharge, certificates of performance of certain treatments, ophthalmology treatments (i.a. course and result of cataract removal surgery). Translation of leaflets of medicines, supplements, etc.

Technical and industry translation

Translation of safety data sheets, manuals, labels, technical descriptions of machines used in chemical industry and many others. Target texts include all of necessary graphic marks, pictograms and other elements specified in ordinances applied to such content (i.a. REACH).

Translation of websites and promotion offers content

Translation of the content of websites, promotion offers, leaflets, business cards, advertisements and plenty of others.

Interpreting services

Symultaneous (booth) or consecutive interpreting performed during conferences, business meetings, interviews, private meetings and for personal purposes, e.g. purchase of an appartment abroad, preparation of foreign travel, arrangements of business trips, booking of accomodation or gastronomy venues.

Financial and banking translation

Financial and banking translation, translation in the field of accountancy; translation of financial statements, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, etc.

Language reviews of target texts

Language reviews within stylistic compatibility and grammatical correctness of target texts (by a native speaker).

Translation of recruitment content

Translation of documents related to applying for a job or to preparation of an employment offer. Translation of CV, covering letters, certification of employment, letters of recommendation, job offers, etc.

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